More Pong, What I’ve Been Working On.

More Pong, What I’ve Been Working On.

Has it really been over 2 months since my last post? About 9 weeks ago I signed up for an Intro to Python course offered by Rice University via Coursera: “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python”. The course was 8 weeks long and has been taking up most the free time I usually dedicate to programming. It was a great course, the best online class I’ve taken to date in fact. The focus…

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PONG!: This time in Game Maker: Studio

PONG!: This time in Game Maker: Studio

Instruction screen from Pong!

For the last 4 weeks I have been taking “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” from Rice University and Coursera. It’s a decent class with clear instruction. While I understand object oriented programming fairly well by now, I still struggle with conceptualizing proper function layout. In week four our assignment is to build a very basic Pong clone. I’ve already built Pong once…

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Parallax problems resolved, a lesson in list manipulation

Parallax problems resolved, a lesson in list manipulation

If you read my previous post from yesterday you’ll know that I had an odd problem involving jerkiness with scrolling backgrounds in my latest prototype. After asking on several forums I eventually got a response on StackOverflow that quickly nailed the issue. The Scroller() class was modifying a list while iterating it, which is apparently a bad thing to do.

for building in self.buildings:…

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DEMO #1: Scrolling City Skyline - python/pygame

DEMO #1: Scrolling City Skyline – python/pygame

I learned something about myself today, I’m technically useless in the morning. I’ve always suspected this. Every so often I read articles for creatives extolling the virtues of getting things done early in the day. When I read these I try to imagine myself dressed in pajamas, sipping my morning coffee while I am seizing the day in front of my PC, coding away with this magical morning energy. It…

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HobbyGameDev: The Importance of Prototyping

HobbyGameDev: The Importance of Prototyping

I’m a lousy planner. In high school, I would write essays in final form. I couldn’t stand, nor appreciated the value of, the process of rewriting. Having unregulated ADHD, the task of rewriting was like mental anguish. I could barely sit still long enough to write the first draft much less a second or, god forbid, a third re-writing. In college I got better at taking the time and consideration…

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Blade City: Experimenting With Player Movement

Blade City: Experimenting With Player Movement

Intro screen to Blade City Defender

I’ve been playing with various ways to apply minor physics to the player movement. So far I haven’t come up with anything other than a very basic set of rules. Here’s the original experiment that grew into the current project:

The movement is static, binary. Pressing a key applies a set amount of velocity to the player, there is no…

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First Time Installing a Package Into Python: A Nightmare.

First Time Installing a Package Into Python: A Nightmare.

So many pages read, nothing gained.

Tonight I wanted to learn how to make animated sprites using pygame. I found Pyganim in my search and thought that sounded like exactly what I needed. I figured I would quickly install it and get started learning. I was so very wrong. That was well over an hour ago, my fresh-faced enthusiasm has turned to mush.

Understand that I have never installed any packages before besides Pygame, which If I…

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Blade City Intro – python/pygame

Last night I stayed up until around 2am working on music for my current pygame project which is now named Blade City Defender.

Learning Python with Dr. Chuck

Learning Python with Dr. Chuck

I recently signed up for Coursera’s “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python”which starts on March 24th. I’m really looking forward to it as several of my friends have also signed up. This will be the first time I’ve had the opportunity to take a course with friends. In the meantime I’ve been planning my first real game. Nothing has been committed to code yet, just notes in a…

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Created in pygame: Unknown Invaders

Created in pygame: Unknown Invaders

Unknown Invaders created using pygame and python 3.
Unknown Invaders created using pygame and python 3.

Unknown Invaders created using pygame and python 3.

The past few weeks have been a whir of activity. Last week we finally made the move from Austin to Colorado Springs. Most of our belongings are still boxed in the garage waiting to be scavenged through. Sadly the moving truck we rented didn’t have enough room for several pieces of furniture. Even with the attachment of a 6′ x 12′ tow trailer, we…

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